Zone 3 (Fraser Valley) BC Games Trials

Date 2018 Jun 02 Ical
Saturday - races begin at 10 am
Location Maple Ridge
Address Whonnock Lake, BC

Zone 3 Team: 11 Athlete’s + potential wildcards
Selection Trials: June 2nd, Ridge Canoe and Kayak Club
Time: Morning – Early Afternoon

Eligible Athletes:
Ages 12-16 – must be born in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006
• Must reside in the Zone 3 (See BC Games website for boundaries) and be a member of CanoeKayak BC.
• Individuals must register themselves for Zone 3 Trials registration at no later than May 28th, 2018
• There is no fee for the event.
Athletes may attend a second BC Summer Games to compete in Train to Train singles events ONLY if at the first Games they competed in Learn to Train singles events ONLY. Athletes may not attend more than two BC Summer Games to participate in CanoeKayak.

Ineligible Athletes:
Athletes who have qualified for a single final at the previous year's National Championship are ineligible to participate in a subsequent BC Summer Games. Athletes who have competed in a Canada Summer Games in CanoeKayak are ineligible to compete at a subsequent BC Summer Games.

Boats: Paddlers may use a Mini, entry-level or racing K1 as appropriate. Clubs are responsible for providing boats for their athletes.

Events: (All events are direct finals)
Men's and Women's Slalom Course- Marked x 2
Men's and Women's 2000km Canoe & Kayak
Men’s 200m Kayak or Men’s 200m Canoe
Woman’s 200m Kayak or Woman’s 200m Canoe

Overall Male and Female ranking lists will be created using an athletes top placings in three events in either the 200m Canoe, 200m Kayak Events, Slalom Course x 2 and 2000km.
Points will be awarded; 1st 10 points, 2nd 9 points, down to 10th 1 point
The top ranked athletes from each club will be nominated to the team (5) by their club head coach. The remainder of the athletes will be selected based on overall ranking (6).

The Selection Committee will make the final decision based on age, development of athletes, gender and team blend to ensure that all athletes have multiple competitive opportunities at the Games. A maximum of 7 athletes per gender will be selected.

Zone reps will ensure that all additional athletes competing are entered into the BC Games registration site as ALTERNATES as there is a potential for additional wildcards to be assigned during the week of June 11 - 18.
Athlete’s and coaches will be asked to provide the following information to the Zone 3 rep for registration:

Name – first and last
Phone – day, night, cell
Date of Birth
Home Address & Mailing Address (if different)
Role – athlete, coach, substitute, etc.
NCCP # – for coaching staff
Aboriginal Ancestry
School (athletes/substitutes only) – enter the name of the school last attended 2017/18
Shirt Size – for Zone competition shirt

The final roster will be named on June 18th.

Upon Selection to the Team (Athletes only):

A $225 registration fee is to be paid by each athlete participant upon making the team to their club. This covers the cost of transportation to/from & during the Games, boat rental/use and transportation, accommodation/food while at the Games and your Zone 3 competition shirt. CanoeKayak BC will pay this to the BC Games Society then invoice each club at a later date.

All registrations must be completed by June 11th so that CKBC can process additional wildcards..

Contact Brian Hammer
Type Competition
This is a Canoe Kayak BC sanctioned event
Category Multi-Discipline
Deadline 2018-05-30 21:00:00 -0700