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Cowichan S-bend Slalom Race

Date 2009 Apr 18-19 Ical
Location Lake Cowichan, BC

This kayak race involves athletes negotiating a course of approximately 20 gates hung from wires over the Cowichan River in the Horseshoe Bend area of Cowichan River Provincial Park. Athletes take 2 timed runs down the course and are penalized if they touch or miss a gate. The total time plus penalties is tallied and the winner is the athlete with the lowest score. There are several competitive and recreational classes to enter in this race.

Saturday April 18 2009
9 am – 11am final adjustments to course
11 am – 5 pm open practice on course
3-5:30 pm racer registration

Sunday April 19 2009
9:30 am course closed
9:45 am competitors and officials meeting
10:30 am first runs start
12 noon second runs start
2 pm course deconstruction, clean-up
3 pm awards, acknowledgements

There is camping on-site – pay when you arrive.
Race fees are $15 (you must be a CKBC member - $5 extra for event membership)
More detailed info on location and maps available at http://wlapwww.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/cowichan.htm

Prerequisite Any paddler who can paddle the Cowichan should come and give slalom a try. You can race in any type of whitewater kayak you choose. GIVE SLALOM A TRY!!
Contact Dan Norman
Type Competition
Category Whitewater