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Introduction to Flatwater Slalom

Date 2010 Mar 28 Ical
Days/Times 1pm Clinic; 3pm Racing
Location Salmon River, Fort Langley

This event will be run by the Centre of Excellence White water club in Chilliwack on the Salmon river near Fort Langley- the site for the BC Summer Games in July this year.
The Flat water Slalom course is about 100m long with about 20 gates through which each paddler goes ( some upstream some downstream - like in white water racing) at 1 min intervals . Two runs for each person with combined times used for the final tally - somewhat like skiing and bobsled racing.

The clinic will give athletes a chance to familiarize themselves with the boat properties and paddle strokes that help with manoeuvring the gates.
They will work with some top white water athletes from Chilliwack that have competed successfully in National and International events.This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to Slalom racing particularly for those athletes wishing to go to the BC Summer Games in July.

This event in the Summer games will be a Train to train CS4L level( non white water paddlers) and an open class ( white water paddlers). BC Games coaches are to encourage all athletes to compete in this event and participate in the spirit and fun of this type of paddling.

This clinic is not limited to Potential Summer Games athletes and anyone is invited to try the slalom boat and develop other paddling skills.

Registration Fee - $10/person - register online

Bring your own drinks/snacks

Those interested in learning how to officiate at a whitewater event may register online.

Contact Grant Rawstron 604-888-0129
Type Athlete Training Camp
This is a Canoe Kayak BC sanctioned event
Category Whitewater
Affiliate Fort Canoe and Kayak Club
Deadline March 27, 2010 23:59
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