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Bee-Ham International Fun Regatta

Date 2018 Jun 16 Ical
Location Lake Padden
Address 4882 Samish Way

Now that we have re-hydrated from the massive "shedding of tears" due
to Slawko's Cancellation..........Come one, come all, it's time to
race on June 16th at good old Lake Padden!

The Bee-Ham International Regatta is coming up the week after Ted
Houk. Why run a race the very next weekend after?..?..Because due to
other conflicting community events, this is the only weekend during
summer and that we can run the regatta. The good news......all you
have to do is go through your couch cushions and cars to come up with
$15 for the race entry fee.

Canadians, PLEASE join us. It won't be international without you. As
in the past, we take your currency at par. $15 CAD/USD. To anybody
who cries foul from the US side......easy there.....I can say that
based on personal experiences, going North with a trailer of boats and
kids is always easier than going South. Anything we can do to
encourage the Canadians to be here is good. Plus, they let us pay at
par when we go there. 😉

As usual, we will offer a little something for everyone. This event
is great for both the inexperienced and the *super-star* racers. ALL
AGES WELCOME! The format will be similar as in the past.
200/500/some kind of distance event. The lanes are imaginary, the
racing is fun and pressure free, the awards are awesome, and the food
is as good as whatever you bring with you. I'd like to send out a
firm schedule for planning purposes, but typically everyone is tired
after Ted Houk and does their entries last minute, then, due to the
wide variety of racers, abilities, and watercraft, I make the schedule
based on what will flow the best. Some 'known' times.....Racing will
start at 9am, end around 4pm. Coaches meeting at 8:30. It'll be 500s
in the morning, 200s in the afternoon, group event at the end. Pretty
standard operating procedures for the sport.

More details soon.

Contact bhamyouthpaddle@gmail.com
Type Competition
Category Sprint