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Canoe Marathon National Championships

Date 2019 Aug 24-25 Ical
Location Sudbury, ON
Address Northern Water Sports Centre, 206 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, ON

The Sudbury Canoe Club is located within the Northern Water Sports Centre (NWSC) on the shores of Ramsey Lake. The SCC in partnership with OMCKRA is hosting this year’s Canadian Marathon Canoe Championships.

The racecourse starts at the NWSC and sends competitors across Ramsey Lake to the first portage into Bethel Lake. A short paddle across Bethel Lake brings paddlers to a second portage into South Bay of Ramsey Lake where they paddle the final leg back to the NWSC.

Distances range from 6 to 20km. Categories include several classes of boats including C1, C2, various recreational canoes, kayaks and SUPs.

Contact: Aaron Hutchings

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Contact Aaron Hutchings
Web Site http://www.sudburycanoeclubon.com/events/2018/1/13/2018-canadian-marathon-canoe-championships-m7j52
Type Competition
This is a Canoe Kayak BC sanctioned event
Category Marathon
Affiliate Canoe Kayak Canada