• Aiden_kayak

Aiden Tabata

Organization Canoe Kayak BC
Stage Training to Compete
Coach Stanislav Marek
Age 24
Hometown Kamloops
Achievements I attended Junior National Team Trials and I achieved a new personal best in both the 200m and the 500m. In addition I also attended Nationals.
Goals My goals for this year is to make top five in nationals in the 200m K1/K2, and to beat my pb for bench press.
Story At the end of grade 7 during a school field trip to Shumway Lake, the new head coach (Stanislav Marek) saw me paddle and told me to come back in the summer and train with the team and I never left. If I were to give some advice to new comers it would be to work hard and that progress doesn't come instantly and people that work hard will beat people with talent that don't work.
Posted January 6, 2019

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